Hi! I'm Amber. I spent the last 8 years building products at Stripe and scaling our product engineering and financial infrastructure teams. I'm currently exploring something new!

I like tweeting about food, procrastinating on writing, and having many creative hobbies. Also, bagels.

Some (older) things I've written about:

Some past projects:

  • Runeborn — A 2D tactics RPG in the browser! (Not released yet.)
  • Todidnt — A CLI for finding `TODO`s you always said you'd finish but haven't actually. Also, pretty graphs.
  • Bombermen — An overnight hack to recreate the classic "Bomberman" game, WebGL and Node.js style.
  • WebIDE — An 18-hour hackathon project to build a collaborative, real-time browser IDE (before real-time was easy!).
  • CrowdDB — A research project and paper that explored shelling database queries out to crowdsourcing platforms (e.g. Mechanical Turk).